Christmas Bigfoot

In Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia there is a version of bigfoot called The Karakoncolos, who appears during the Christmas holidays.  He lurks in the shadows on street corners awaiting the arrival of passerby. When someone crosses The Karakoncolos’ path, the asks them a riddle. If  the word “black” is not incorporated into the answer, the unfortunate person receives a death blow from the monster.


If you think you can avoid The Karakoncolos by avoiding street corners, you are sadly mistaken! At night, he waits outside of houses. Imitating the voice of a loved one in distress, or sometimes transforming into the guise of a little girl, he lures people outside and places them in a trance, making them immobile. In result, The Karakoncolos’ intended victim freezes to death.

In Serbia, the twelve holy days of Christmas were referred to as “unbaptized days.” During this time ghosts and demons ran rampant, The Karakoncolos among them. If he finds anyone outside  at night he will jump on the poor person’s back and demand to be carried around. This torment only ends with the rooster’s call at dawn when The Karakoncolos must retreat once again, into the shadows.


Encyclopedia Mythica 

Weird Animal Report


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