Yuletide Superstitions


On Christmas morning the first to awaken should open the door and shout “Welcome Father Christmas.” This will allow any evil spirits in the house out. Someone should soon after sweep the front door threshold in order to sweep away any trouble.

An old Northants superstition is that is any dead buried at a crossroads will rise up and walk again on Christmas Eve.

If you receive shoes as a Christmas gift, the giver will walk out of your life.

Gifts given in Morocco should not be colored pink, violet or yellow as these are associated with death.

Any animal who screams on Christmas Eve will go mad before the year is over. Sadly, many animals were killed soon after on these grounds.

Those born on Christmas day will never see a ghost, nor be bothered by spirits. In addition to this, the Christmas born will never die from either drowning or hanging. On the other hand, some believe that those born on Christmas day will be ghosts in the afterlife. The only way to remedy this is from 11 P.M. on Christmas Eve until dawn of Christmas morning, you must count holes in a sieve.

For every dropped pine needle from the Christmas tree that is left in the home after the tree is disposed of, this number of goblins you can expect to encounter in the coming year.

On Christmas night be sure to take note of each person’s shadow. If any shadow cast is missing a head, this person will die in the coming year.

For some, it is believed that at the stroke of Midnight on Christmas Eve animals will momentarily gain the ability to speak. Woe to any human who overhears the animals talk, for it will guarantee his death soon after.



The Boston Globe 


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